• Provides greater local and national recognition to student-athletes and coaches who exhibit character, sportsmanship, and social responsibility.

  • Provide exclusive scholarship opportunities for Champions by Choice student-members.

  • Establishes a strong, united team of student-athletes, coaches, parents, sponsors, and fans who support character and leadership development for young people.

  • Builds a positive culture for the entire sports program.

What is a CHAMPIONS BY CHOICE school?

A Champions by Choice school is one whose administration, athletic director, and coaches seek to build a school-wide athletic program founded on the principles of sportsmanship, scholarship, and leadership.  Character and leadership development for student-athletes is their highest priority.  They strive to build a positive culture within the entire sports program — athletes, coaches, administration, faculty, parents, and fans.

Establishing the Champions by Choice school program is simple and affordable.  Working together as a team you will bring about positive change grounded in the core values of leadership, responsibility, sportsmanship, and citizenship.