A one day, school-based, action packed program designed to sharpen leadership skills and help student-athletes understand the significant role they play in bringing positive change for their team, school and community.

Your Student-Athletes Will:

  1. Learn about their role as a positive role model, student-athlete and team leader.
  2. Sharpen communication, leadership and team-building skills.
  3. Learn to effectively support their team, coaches and school.
  4. Discover how to honor fellow student-athletes and coaches who set the “right” example on and off the field of play.
  5. Take action to establish a strong Champions by Choice school, encouraging every athlete to take a positive stand.
  6. Encourage visiting teams, coaches and fans to build Champions by Choice programs at their home school through their positive example.
  7. Make a positive difference through SSF Athletes in Action community service.
  8. Last, but most important, they will “Leave a Legacy” for your school’s future student-athletes.  Through a network of school and community resources, your team leaders will establish and maintain your school’s SSF Champions by Choice Scholarship Program, to honor and reward student-athletes who are doing the “right thing” on and off the field of play.

SSF Captains by Choice will not only develop leadership, it will provide actual leadership opportunities and responsibility that student-athletes can put into practice right away.

To bring the SSF Champions by Choice program to your school, or to learn more, use our contact form, or email Allen Powell directly.

SSF Champions by Choice has awarded over $45,000 in scholarships to local high school athletes.

Join the SSF Team now so that your great young people will be eligible for SSF scholarships this school year.